Video Tutorial - The Front Lady

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- A Whimsical Face on a Recycled Folder

This mini class is perfect for You who love to paint intuitively.

You do not have to be able to draw in advance. We use easy and simple steps to create your own piece of art that will hopefully inspire you to continue to create on your own.

If You are an Advanced Painter, You can easily use the Tutorial as inspiration to create Your own characters.

Through the 3 videos, I guide you to create a whimsical figure, painted with acrylic and pencil from start to finish.

My Purpose is:

  • To give you some simple techniques to create a finished piece of art
  • To Inspire you to continue to create
  • To give you the feeling of peace and joy in the moment
  • To give your inner Child permission to play and have fun
  • To motivate you to paint fearless.

To get instant access:

If you use paypal, you will immediately recieve a pdf-file with the password and link for the videos. With other payment systems it might take a couple of days before your get access (you will be notified by mail).


Listepris excl. moms: 99,00 DKK
Video - Tutorial - The Front Lady