Video Tutorial - The Cake Lady

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How to pull a motive out of a background

Painting a mixed media face on the lid of a pie box

This class is quick and easy with minimal supplies. It does not have to be expensiv to create a painting. All you need is a pie box some paint and bruches and you are ready to go.

5 step by step downloadable instructions videos, with tips and tricks to draw and paint your own face and background.

There is also a bonusvideo on how to transfer a face, if your drawing skills still need some ajustments :).

You can sit back and enjoy making your own painting - a memory that will hang on your wall forever!

To get instantaccess:

If you use paypal, you will immediately recieve a pdf-file with the password and link for the videos. With other payment systems it might take a couple of days before your get access (you will be notified by mail).



Listepris excl. moms: 199,00 DKK
Video - Tutorial - The Cake Lady